A Full Sacrifice – eBook


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 If eternity could have a center point, I believe it would have to be the events of the “…one sacrifice…” of the cross, and the “…one offering…” which followed. Concerning the possibility for all sinners to be able to be saved, these two things are the most important parts of “…the faith…” Without them no sin could be forgiven.

Being taught or holding to error in other parts of “…doctrine…” will always produce substandard practices and adverse consequences. But when it pertains to the “…one sacrifice…” of The Lamb of God, and, the “…one offering…” of The Son of God, that lack of understanding, will vail the heart from fully knowing The Father’s great love for us as sinners, it will diminish the effect of The Holy One’s greater hatred of sin, and the full and terrible price Jesus paid to obtain “…eternal redemption for us…” will be obscured.

When The Holy Ghosts’ inspired words about the “…one sacrifice…” and the “…one offering…” are read and revealed according to The Scriptures; those who receive them are internally changed forever. Perhaps if more Baptist church members, who profess to be born again, had a deeper understanding of what it actually cost their Lord to redeem them; they would reciprocate by surrendering their lives to live for, and to faithfully serve such a wonderful Saviour. The result would be many more professing believers, demonstrating that they are a willing “…debtor…” to the “…Holy One…” Who suffered God’s definition of “…death…” in their place. 

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