The Gift Of The Pastor


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Along with a Pastor being ordained into one of the two Offices in The Lord’s kind of Baptist Churches; a Pastor is also listed in Scripture as one of the “…gifts…” God has given to benefit of His People. Each of the “…members in particular…” (I Corinthians 12:27), should be fully aware of the Biblical duties and responsibilities of their Pastor; how he is to care for the People, and how they are to treat him. This study will also serve in the training of future Pastors. Men who “…desire the office of a bishop…” (I Timothy 3:1), and those already ordained to that “…office…,” will be challenged and reminded to live up to their calling, and to be careful to pass on the integrity of this gift, to the future of Old- Fashioned, Independent, Fundamental, Baptist Churches. 28,974 words

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