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The words of truth ought never to be watered down, compromised, replaced or rejected. If a saved preacher takes the right strong stand upon the words of God’s Book, and rejects theologically “…feigned words…,” (II Peter 2:3) he is going to face the possibility, and probability, of far more disagreements than those who handle “…the word of God deceitfully…” (II Corinthians 4:2) And in these “…last days…” (II Timothy 3:1) disagreements will only get “…worse and worse…” (II Timothy 3:13)

All disagreements are to be handled according to the words in The Book of God. Especially among “…brethren…” claiming to be Baptists who believe God’s Word! You and I may disagree about the very things presented in this work, but if that becomes the case; others must not be unnecessarily hurt. We, as preachers; are supposed to know better. We of all “…brethren…,” are proving to be some of the worst offenders in this.  

If we do not set aside our pride, egos, fleshly hurt feelings, human loyalties, and theologically based biases; we are going to lose rewards at The Judgment Seat of Christ; not only because we may have been on the wrong side of an argument; but because of those who got hurt by our failure to handle disagreements Scripturally.  

Evangelists, are your next preaching campaigns going to fix a disagreement between one of your “…brethren…;” or do unnecessary damage to others? Pastors, have you taught the members of the church you oversee how to handle disagreements, by your own example and practice of the words which God has written on this subject; or will those folks follow a bad example?

We, as Baptist “…brethren…” ought to act like saved “…brethren…” with those who disagree with us, and with whom we disagree. As a very good friend in the ministry has often asked, “Where are the men?” 

We must disagree with all error, without compromise or favoritism for a friend; but we must use Scripture if a disagreement is to bring glory to God!

Dr. T.S. Luchon
Pastor of The Hilltop Baptist Church


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