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Welcome to our new site!  At Hilltop Publications Online, we only offer scripturally correct books written by scripturally Baptist authors.  

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About Dr. T.S. Luchon

Dr. Tim Luchon has been saved and studying the English words as they are interpreted by The Holy Ghost in the Authorized copy of The Book of God for over 40 years. Most saved people refer to God’s Book as The Authorized King James Bible. He believes what men call theology, for the identifying their many differing systems of beliefs; that The Holy Ghost…

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At Hilltop Publications we have the knowledge, tools and technology to publish your work!  From book cover design, inside layout, printing and binding, to ISBN registration, eBook creation and publishing, we have you covered! 

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We offer bookstore pricing to anyone!   With a minimum quantity of 10 per item, you can enjoy affordable prices that will keep your cost down and profits high!

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