Is There A Place Worse Than Hell? – eBook


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To most people, Hell has become no more than a by-word, a curse word,or the subject of some joke. Although Hell and The Lake of Fire are both part of eternal torment, and are used interchangeably in the preaching of many; The Scriptures present some different characteristics in the case of each of those places of punishment. A lost soul in Hell is in torment! But what about when that same soul is rejoined to their body at the second resurrection; and are cast into The Lake of Fire? Because of being taken so lightly by the lost; and not preached enough by preachers; Hell seems to have little or no emotional effect on the souls of men. Maybe we who are saved, need to feel the flames of The Lake of Fire, before the lost have to do so! If soul winners do not feel this for the lost; what about what the lost will feel in that Lake?

9,772 words

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